Our Clients are often Both our Advertisers & Customers

Donald Bacon

Years of experience: 15

Social, Web & Media integration

Staff of WiiMD and ServicesMD.com

     We strive to help business owners develop a solid relationship  with their customers and attract new clients successfully using a foundation of knowledge.

               Most customers look to see if someone is on the internet to give themselves a feeling of security that an advertiser is an established individual or company. Now more than 70% of those asked say they checked on the internet before hiring for anything that needs any type of assurance. WiiMD and ServicesMD.com will enable this honest atmosphere that brings confidence for your business today!

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Our goal is to match CUSTOMERS with

qualified ADVERTISERS providing

quality Services at Affordable prices.

Laura Jaroszewski

30 Years of experience

President of Multiple Service Corporations 

John Pahl

35 Years experience

 Field Supervisor

Maximilian F Jaroszewski III

30 years as Director IWCS Inc

of ElectricalMD and WebDesignerMD

Our Goal